Middle School Athletics

The EVSC middle school athletic program is governed by an athletic council.  The Middle School Athletic Council consists of 17 schools. The superintendent serves as an ex-officio member of the council.

The school corporation provides middle school student-athletes the opportunity to participate in ten (10) interscholastic sports.  They may also participate in cross country as a club sport, and the high school head coaches run cub football.

Fall Season
Boys Cross Country (Club)
Girls Cross Country (Club)
Cub Football
6th Gr. Volleyball
7th Gr. Volleyball
8th Gr. Volleyball

Winter Season
Girls 6th Gr. Basketball
Girls 7th Gr. Basketball
Girls 8th Gr. Basketball
Boys 6th Gr. Basketball
Boys 7th Gr. Basketball
Boys 8th Gr. Basketball

 Spring Season
Boys Reserve Track
Boys Varsity Track
Girls Reserve Track
Girls Varsity Track